“It’s All About Performance…”

Performance Groups

Simply stated, a Performance Group is a group of Business Entreprenuers whom meet on a regular basis to share and discuss ideas, opportunities, business trends, and the strategic direction of their businesses for personal gain and reward of their business.

“Being the absolute best” at what we do is the catalyst for each and every person participating with a Performance Group.

So if these criterias are where you want to take your business, contact Square One Systems today for a unique and proven Performance Group Model that has been in existence for over 20 years!!

20-Group Concept

Proven to be the most effective for over 20 years
Square One Systems has been providing management and facilitation services for the collision repair industry since 1984.

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A unique and proven tool which allows its members to compare financial data.
This tool results in members truly being able to manage their business "by the numbers"

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Helping businesses understand their current business model.
Square One Systems also provides consulting services for enterprise businesses in the areas of network-output design and stategy.

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Square One Advantage

Utilizing available web-based technologies.

Today, companies are scrambling to develop 'quick response' strategies utilizing open-access thinking.

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